Is Your Family Living in a Healthy Home?

The PA Department of Health's LEAD INFORMATION HELPLINE will participate in the Annual Little Buffalo Festival on October 1 at Little Buffalo State Park in Newport PA (Perry County).

Is Your Family Living in a Healthy Home?

Specialists at the exhibit booth will distribute checklists for maintaining a healthy home
to prevent and control hazards such as lead, mold, radon, mildew, and allergens;
resources for safe renovations; and materials for residents, property owners and contractors.

You can also learn the public health recommendations for blood testing and treating
children with elevated blood lead levels
For kids, there’s coloring books & hands-on learning withlead-free house painting!”


Festival attendance is FREE!

FAMILIES! Be sure to check out the Kids' ArtFest!

Call for information on lead poisoning prevention, lead hazard control, lead abatement and training:
MON-FRI 7 am-7 pm & SAT 9 am-3 pm

Lead poisoning is not a concern of the past. Lead can do great harm, especially to young children.  Childhood lead poisoning at low levels may make learning difficult, interfere with growth, harm hearing and delay development.  At high levels, lead may cause coma, convulsions and even death.  The leading cause of lead poisoning is lead dust from lead-based paint, which was used in most homes until 1978.  Young children are exposed to lead through normal everyday activities such as crawling on the floor and putting their hands, toys or other objects in their mouths.  

The PA Department of Health's Lead Poisoning Prevention and Control Program is responsible for the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (CLPPP), Lead Hazard Control Program (LHCP), and the Lead Surveillance Program.  The Department offers free training in lead-abatement and other lead-certified disciplines to governmental and non-profit employees. Community-based CLPPPs in the Central PA region include the cities of Harrisburg and York.  In areas not served by a CLPPP, case management service are provided by the Department’s Bureau of Community Health Systems State Health Centers. Through the Department’s toll-free Lead Information Line, Specialists respond to inquiries from parents, physicians, contractors and homeowners about lead poisoning, prevention and control. They will also mail resources at no cost to individuals or for waiting rooms.

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