Savannah shares how STARS has helped her through 4th grade

SavannahMy name is Savannah and I am in 4th grade at Halifax Elementary School. I have been attending a Keystone STAR 3 school, Kids Academy, since I was a baby. I have learned a lot at Kids Academy. I have learned my alphabet, my numbers, and how to write!!!

I mostly just learned how to write my name because school did the rest. I had many different friends of different races. Some American, some African American, Asian, Indian, and more!!! I'm proud to have friends of all these races. Kids Academy taught me to stand up for myself! Ms. Silva was my teacher for a long time in my life and at times she could be strict and demanding, but it was because she didn’t want us to get into trouble and she loved us! This program taught me to be positive, kind, and caring. That we have to be kind and caring to one another.

We learned to be nice to nature. We would recycle toilet paper rolls and use them as bird feeders. We would take them and hole punch two holes for string to hang them. Then we used peanut butter to glue the birdseed on. They also used to use pinecones instead of toilet paper rolls because they are more natural.

Now I go to Kids Academy in the summer. It is fun because I’m not with total little kids!!! At least I am with kids 5-12 (school aged kids). We have LOTS of fun there because we do things like go outside, draw with sidewalk chalk, and other fund indoor activities. The playgrounds are fun too!!! The big kids playground is fun because we have things like sandboxes, play sets, and other fun outdoor toys. These are all of the things that have changed my life and made it better at Kids Academy!!!!

Savannah S, Halifax, PA


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