JaceyJacey’s teachers help her become a Shining Star

My daughter Jacey has been at the Cuddle Zone Learning Center since she was four weeks old. Since this center is STAR 4 and has qualified teachers, my child has learned to love learning because the teachers made it fun for her. She would come home every day with some type of activity or would talk about things that she had learned that day. She had attended the all-day kindergarten program and has made such great progress in her learning. She is now in first grade and knows about 85% of second grade sight words and about 75% of third grade sight words. I believe that her being able to read higher level words is due to her wonderful teachers at the Cuddle Zone Learning Center. The teachers took time to work with her on an individual basis and were able to use her strengths to improve her weaknesses. Each teacher that she had worked with had a very wonderful impact on who she is today. Each teacher was able to help prepare her for the public school system. I believe that by having quality programs children are able to get a better education and value learning.

With Keystone STARS, not only is the teacher a key part to the child’s learning but also the family. The Cuddle Zone had many family events to show that family is important to learning. There were activities that the families had to work on together, there were activities sent home for good quality home time, and there were times parents could come in and read to the kids or just see what the kids were working on in class.

Since education starts at a young age, Jacey had many learning experiences since she was an infant up to now in the school age room. I feel that having these experiences helped her become the girl she is today by always asking questions about things we see in the community. She always wants to expand her knowledge, something she had learned in the kindergarten program. Also in this program she learned how to be a good friend as well as a good helper. I feel that by having Keystone STARS my child is a better person. This program allows dedicated teachers to know that they are an important part in a child’s education and that education is an important part of a child’s life. I hope that more centers would be able to participate in programs like this so that the children there could benefit from it.

Nicole M., Jacey’s mom, Allentown, PA


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