STAR 3 Program, Kurious Kids, taught Maggie about sharing and compromise

Maggie D.When I first met Maggie, I was working at the Kurious Kids child care center as a summer job while I was home from college. I was an inexperienced college student and she was a brazen two year-old. When I returned the next summer after having graduated, I committed to a fulltime position within the center. It wasn't until 2008 that I got a chance to spend a significant amount of time with Maggie.

She was strong-willed, abundantly creative, and more confident than any other preschooler I had encountered. She had her challenges sharing and compromising and often made me wonder how in the world I would ever get through to her. I remember so many battles trying to reach middle ground and I often (felt) like I was on the losing end.

But more than all of those things, the thing I remember most about Maggie was her huge heart. Underneath the sometimes stubborn personality that would surface was a sweet, genuine girl that loved those around her. One year, she begged her mother to bring in nacho cheese Doritos for my birthday, knowing that it was one of my favorite snacks. Another day when I was clearly having a rough time, she gathered other children in the class to discuss ways to cheer me up. I have countless drawings and notes that Maggie made for me stored in a memory bag.

The summer before she went to kindergarten I began to see Maggie mature and while she retained her strong-willed nature, she began to understand about compromise, sharing, and putting others' needs before her own.

Maggie still returns to Kurious Kids for summer camp and with her comes a fun-loving, creative, brilliant young girl. This past summer she created her own reading and art club for camp. She brought in prizes and name badges for anyone that wanted to be part of it, and anyone was allowed. I am continually amazed at how she evolved into such an impressive eight year-old (and I can't believe she's already eight!). I am so privileged to have been part of such an outstanding journey with an extraordinary little girl.  Because she was able to be a part of a loving, supportive family and a high quality early childhood program, Maggie was submerged in an environment that allowed her to develop into such a wonderful girl.

- Story written by Elisa T., Maggie's former teacher at Kurious Kids










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