Abbie's Teachers Help Her Become a Shining Star!

AbbieSc - Lehigh

A Lehigh County mom shares how her daugher has become a shining star thanks to teachers at STAR 4 Cuddlezone Learning Center.

My daughter, Abbie S., has been fortunate to have several wonderful teachers at The Cuddlezone Learning Center.

When she was a toddler, her teachers noticed she was exhibiting some signs of sensory integration issues. Acting as partners with my husband and myself, they spoke about their concerns and provided us with information about local agencies that could help. The staff coordinated a referral to a local agency that provided support to my daughter and her teachers within the toddler classroom. When the same issues arose in preschool, her teachers worked with me and made a referral to our local Intermediate Unit. At this time my daughter was easily distracted, had some difficulty engaging in learning activities, and was still displaying some behaviors that were not typical for her age. Even though my daughter did not qualify for early intervention services, her preschool teachers made appropriate accommodations for my daughter to be successful in preschool. They made special materials available to her (i.e. Therapressure brush), tried different teaching strategies, and accommodated our request that she be placed in the self-contained pre-kindergarten classroom this year. Throughout the entire process, the staff listened to our concerns, shared their observations, and even provided suggestions on how we could help my daughter at home. My daughter is now in pre-kindergarten and I have no doubt that she will be ready for her transition to kindergarten in August.

I'm familiar with the Keystone STARS program and have observed first-hand the impact the program has made on my daughter's early childhood experience at The Cuddle Zone Learning Center. The teachers of this program are educated and well-trained, which results in teachers that have appropriate expectations of preschool children who strive to meet the individual needs of each child. There are ample, interesting learning materials, and the program is developmentally appropriate for preschool children. There are special events scheduled throughout the year. It is evident that all the staff at The Cuddle Zone Learning Center work diligently to improve the quality of their programs, and Keystone STARS has been crucial to their success.


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