Sarah's mom helped her become a Shining Star

Sarah's mom helped her become a Shining StarFrom John Pozza, STARS Manager:

Sarah is a very talented and bright little girl. She is currently in kindergarten at North Clarion Elementary School, and was a Keystone STARS child at her mother's Star 2 Family Child Care, which is soon to be designated a Star 3. Sarah sings and does solos in her mother and father's church ministry. She has many friends. In North Clarion's DIBELS testing in phonemic awareness Sarah's winter goal was a 25. Sarah scored a 57. In fluency, her winter goal was 27. Sarah scored a 55, and in nonsense words Sarah's goal was a 17. She scored a 25. In all of these she surpassed her spring goals. We are very proud of her. This is Sarah's first year in school all day. She previously was a student in North Clarion's Pre-school program, and was in her mother's Star 2 family childcare since she was a baby. She even helped her mother in planning the daily activities for each of the day care children.

From Sarah (transcribed by her mother Lisa):

My name is Sarah B. I am 5 years old. I am a Shining Star because my mommy has had me in her day care since I was a baby. My favorite part of being home with mommy was circle time with the other kids. I like to sing. I like teaching the younger kids new songs each day. I like to help them learn letters, numbers, and shapes. I like pretending that I am the teacher.

When mommy is busy with a baby, I try to help her by playing and helping her with the other kids. We do drawing, play dough; we play with Tonka trucks, play dress up. I like to pretend to read to the kids. Last year Judge Arner from Clarion was a guest reader, and he read the book "Whose Shoes?" to us. It was a great day. We made an outline of our shoes and got to decorate them. I got to help mommy with the little kids decorate their shoes. We also made a poster for Judge Arner with an outline of each of our hands and decorated it. He said he will put it on his office wall.

I am in Kindergarten this year at North Clarion Elementary School and I am not home to help mom. I miss that. Mommy lets me help by going through and helping her get ready for the next day. I love school and I am learning to read. I knew all of my upper case and lower case letters since I was 3 years old. I could write my name by 4 years old. I know all of the upper and lower case letters and their sounds.

My teacher tells me every day she is proud of me. I know my address and phone number. At school, I am learning math. I could count to 30 by the time I was 3 years old. I like math, and now we are learning to tell time. I can count forward and backward. I learned a lot while I was home with mommy. It was fun.
My mommy has a CD and she does music concerts. When we go to concerts I like to sing on stage with mommy. My big brother plays the trumpet, my big sister is learning piano and someday I want to play the piccolo. I like to help load and unload equipment. I like helping. I like to help cook with daddy and I love my dog Chewy. He likes to run and play with me outside.

Sarah B. (transcribed by her mother Lisa)
Photo Caption: Sarah B. accepts her graduation diploma at the North Clarion Elementary Pre-K program from Terri Cyphert (left), Pre-K aide and Cathy Bauer, Pre-K teacher


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