Rachel B. shines thanks to Keystone STARS

RachelBi-MercerKeystone Stars has made me the young lady that I am today! Over my 10 years of attendance, the staff members were always caring and encouraging to myself and all the children. Through full-time attendance I have been taught many things. Something very important to me was learning how to have self-esteem. Teaching a young toddler how to feel confident with herself is not any easy task.

The 'golden rule' that was instilled within children is to 'treat others the way that you want to be treated'. At a young age, you want children to learn to get along with others and share toys. Over time, this teaching will help develop the child into a level of maturity which will aid the child once they become school aged.

Throughout the years, I have learned how to feel confident in everything that I pursue, whether it is academically or socially. It has molded me to be more of a leader with my peers as I am Vice-President of my class and a member of Student Council. I don't mind standing out in a crowd, thanks to Keystone STARS.

Rachel B., Mercer County


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