Steven H, a Tioga County Shining Star!

Our Shining Star, Steven HepferSteven's parents Amber and Steve H. wrote:

The teachers and staff members at Calvary Childcare Center have been an extension of our family for the past nine years! The relationship started in 2003 with our first daughter, who at the time was one year old. In 2004, we enrolled our second daughter. Our son, Steven, was enrolled in 2007. He will become our third, and final, graduate of Calvary this May. Calvary Childcare Center was a wonderful facility when our daughters attended. Becoming a Keystone STAR 2 made it even better. The teachers have helped us to raise our three children to be independent, confident, caring, and polite individuals. It is because of these teachers and their relationship with our family that has allowed Steven to become our shining star. We are very proud that the teachers at Calvary think of him as their shining star, as well

As part of their quality curriculum, the child care center teaches basic sign language to students before they can talk. Because "please", "thank you", and "sorry" are some of the first signs taught, Steven learned how to use his manners and how to be compassionate at a very early age. These are values that are very important to us. The curriculum, and more importantly, the teachers also emphasize the importance of community involvement. Whenever there is something interesting or exciting happening in the community, whether it's a new bridge being built or a new neighbor building a house and moving in, the teachers take the kids on walks around town to see the progress being made. Because of this, even at 4 years old, Steven knows what it means to be a good neighbor and how to be safe!

StevenHe-Tioga artFinally, the teachers have a great understanding that young children need structured time, but that a lot can also be learned through play. During both structured learning and playtime, the teachers at the childcare center have helped Steven to learn self-control, focus, compassion, and most of all, a sincere love of learning while also fostering a sense of pride, independence, and responsibility.

Steven's Teacher and Director of Calvary Childcare Center, Laurie Seip, wrote:

My name is Laurie Seip and I am Steven's Preschool teacher as well as the director of the childcare center. I have known Steven since he was a baby. Over the past 4 years I have watched Steven grow emotionally and socially, gaining a great deal of knowledge through our program as a star 2 participant. Steven is a very energetic, bubbly child who loves to give compliments.
Over the 4 years Steven has had the opportunity to use many of the materials, manipulatives, indoor/outdoor equipment, and curriculum in our center's program, which was made possible through the grants we earned through the Keystone Stars. Through the opportunities provided for professional development, our staff has gained a great deal of knowledge and ideas, which carries over into the classroom. Steven has gone through our infant, toddler and preschool program with our caring and very qualified staff.

We are like a family at Calvary Childcare Center and have all enjoyed watching our Shining Star, Steven, grow into a personable, passionate, well rounded child. We appreciate the relationship that we have developed over the years with Steven's parents. It has been a privilege being a part of Steven's early learning years.

Congratulations, Steven, on your Shining Star nomination!! Keep up the good work!


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