Nyomi D. a Shining Star for her teachers

Nyomi impacted the lives of many people during her stay at Basic Steps Daycare, a Keystone STAR 2 program. She truly is a "Shining Star" who can be anything she wants to be. Here are some of the reasons teachers have proclaimed Nyomi a "Shining Star".

When Nyomi first arrived in the one year old room she was a very loveable and bright child. She would always give you many hugs and kisses when she saw you. During circle time she loved to say her ABC's, colors, and shapes. She always liked to help the other children whenever they would fall. (From Iesha Davis, teacher)

Watching Nyomi blossom into this intelligent little girl she is today has been such an amazing experience. I was first introduced to Nyomi when she was two years old. At this age she was able to count to 20, knew her shapes, and colors. She would even talk in full sentences. Seeing Nyomi now at five years old and everything that she has learned, gives me the motivation to make me want to stay in this field. I love to see kids grow and learn. (From Marcella Everson, teacher)

While my transition from the infant room was different and overwhelming, Nyomi made it exciting. She is so helpful to the teachers and the class. At four years old, she was well prepared to be in any kindergarten classroom. She will continue to grow, learn, and always be her best.


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