Shining Star: Taniyah H.

Taniyah is the two year old "Tiny Feet Shining Star" at STAR 2 Basic Steps Daycare in Dauphin County.

Shining Star: Taniyah H.

TaniyahHi-DauphinTaniyah H. has been at Basic Steps daycare since she was a couple of months old. We have had the opportunity to watch her grow and blossom. Remembering Taniyah as a baby, she was as cute as a button. She always had a serious look on her face, but when she would smile it would light up the room. We watched her grow from a bouncing baby to a young toddler.
As she moved to the young toddler room, she began to advance her skills. She began to learn to say words such as eat, hi, bye, mom, teachers' names and children's names. Taniyah also began to learn her colors, ABC's, nursery rhymes, and how to count. She also enjoyed painting and coloring. She continued to shine in the young toddler room.

She began to take an interest in books. She would say the word book and walk over to the bookshelf to look at the books. There was one book she loved. It had lots of pictures of different animals. She would point to each animal, say it's name, and make the sound of the animal.

Taniyah's transition into the older toddler room was a little rough for her. As soon as she got used to the schedule, she was ready to continue to learn. She adapted to the older toddler room very quickly. She was so excited to learn new things at circle time.

As the weeks went on, Taniyah progressed more and more everyday. Taniyah is truly our "Tiny Feet Shining Star"! We will continue to watch her learn and shine like the star we know she will be!

Ms. Ashley, Taniayah's teacher at Basic Steps, Dauphin County


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