Nathaniel a Beaver County Shining Star

NathanielGr-BeaverNathaniel had a wonderful experience at Keystone STAR 4 Tiny Tot Child Development Center. The caring and attentive staff helped to make him feel comfortable about being away from his parents and family during the day. They nurtured and reinforced many of the principles we teach at home. Things like waiting your turn, sharing and using proper etiquette when asking for something. He grew tremendously in his ability to communicate with other children. Born the oldest child and grandchild, and having no cousins-Nate was talking in complete sentences at a very young age, however, had difficulty relating to and talking with kids his own age. The inclusive program allowed him to learn from his peers with different abilities and has given him a great deal of compassion. The social skills he learned have made him a wonderful big brother and have given him the opportunity to make friends in various social circles.

Academically the routine that was followed daily aided in an easy transition into Kindergarten. Nate was able to recite his alphabet and visually recognize over 75% of his letters, count to over 25 and recognize those numbers, as well as recognizing shapes and colors. While we would work on these at home, he thrived at the different and innovative ways that he would learn at school. He often would come home and “teach” us what he had learned. Show and Tell always allowed him to think “outside the box” because it always involved a letter. He would get very excited about the new letters and what items he could come up with to bring. Car rides would often consist of what words started with whatever the letter was for the week. He always wanted to have a list of words ready to share with his classmates and teachers.

Nate’s growth socially and academically through the program prepared him for Kindergarten and life in ways we never could have imagined.

Nominated by Ruth B, Nathaniel’s teacher at Tiny Tot Child Development Center, Beaver County


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