Aidan H.

Aidan is a Shining STAR

My five year-old son Aidan is definitely a shining star thanks to the Keystone STARS program. He looks forward to learning something new every day. He can write very well for his age. He loves Ms. Becky at SmartKids Child Care and Learning Center in Washington, a Keystone STAR 4 program.

One of his favorite activities is the sound bag. He has to search the house for objects that start with the letter of the week. His face lights up every time he finds something new to put in the sound bag.

Aidan is going to be more than ready to start kindergarten this coming fall. Having this early education has been an enormous help in Aidan’s development and social skills. He has become very outspoken and constantly asking questions about things to try and learn as much as possible about it. His ability and willingness to learn are from his involvement in the Keystone STARS program.

--  Story by Jeremy H., Aidan’s father









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