Jared W.

Jared finds his stride to become a Shining Star!

Our family moved from South Carolina to Pennsylvania in March of 2006. Jared and I moved prior to his mother, who stayed behind to finish training her replacement. Jared was two years-old at the time. The separation and adjustment period put him behind in development. I enrolled him in SmartKids Child Care and Learning Center in Canonsburg, hoping the interaction with children his age would bring his development along. After his adjustment to the new environment, he began to excel in all areas - speech development, comprehension, and social interaction to name a few.

As time progressed, the SmartKids staff continually implemented new programs allowing all children in the program to develop at their own rate. Introduction of the alphabet and word comprehension, numbers and mathematical concepts and social interactive skills are just a few of the areas the SmartKids have strived to benchmark. Some of the ways they have accomplished this is field trips, seasonal programs and talent shows, and the Dinosaur School. Dinosaur School was a positive reinforcement program where children would complete educational volumes at their own pace; with parental involvement to complete volumes at home, teacher feedback and instruction, and prizes in recognition of achievement at the completion of every volume. This program made a notable difference in the children in preparation for kindergarten.

In 2009, Jared was to become a big brother. He was so excited and couldn’t wait to share everything he had learned at SmartKids with his little brother. Prior to the arrival of our second son (Jacob, who also attends SmartKids), Jared began having seizures. He was diagnosed with having a sleep related seizure disorder. This time was very trying for all involved. Now five years-old and in kindergarten, Jared is ahead of the learning curve in all areas. He attended full day kindergarten and attended the after school program at SmartKids. Shortly after that diagnosis, Jared began having a different form of seizures while he was awake. He had doubts in his ability and didn’t quite fully understand what this new condition meant.

SmartKids staff went out of their way with making him feel comfortable with his abilities. They sought out information on seizure disorders in order to understand what to recognize, how to intervene during an episode and how to educate a child. Even though he is an after school attendee, the SmartKids staff include him in every event they hold. He openly volunteers to participate in the seasonal programs and talent shows.

The SmartKids staff is second to none in child care and development in our area. I have researched other child care centers in our area, and I have found time and again SmartKids is the obvious choice for my family’s needs.

--Story by Ronald W., Jared’s father









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