Colby K. is a Shining Star!

from Cindy Simmons, Colby's child care director:

ColbyKu-CarbonColby exemplifies what a boy his age can be. He is kind and helpful with other children. He assists them and encourages them. The preschoolers love when he's here during school closings! Colby is respectful and assists adults in daycare when requested. He is quick to express needs and often speaks for the group. Children of all ages enjoy having him here.

From Colby's mom:

Hello, my name is Donna K. I am married to David 24 great years. We have 2 boys, Colby (age 10) and Cody (age 19). Both our children attended Hug A Daycare since they were 8 weeks old. My Colby is still attending the daycare daily. To us, the daycare was a lifesaving situation knowing that Cindy Simmons (owner of the daycare) was watching our children during the day while we were at work.

I would like to take this opportunity to express how much the daycare has helped us get through some very hard times our family had over the past 3 years. Our Colby was very sad and upset a lot every morning until he would step into the door at the daycare! His eyes would open up and a smile would come to his face when he saw Cindy who would be waiting for her daily hug and "Good Morning". Let me tell you, that makes a parent feel good knowing that your child feels safe and comfortable there. Nothing is better than seeing your child happy and not crying.

She also prepares the children for Kindergarten. She teaches them the basics colors and numbers . .. She also asks the children what they would like to do over their summer break, something fun! Over the past few years they have made their own sundaes, had everybody wear their pajamas, wacky hair day and even wear their clothing inside out! These are just a few of the fun things.

Cindy and her whole staff are always there if you need a hand or just someone to talk to. They are always willing to go out of their way to help. This is why we would highly recommend Hug A Daycare, Carbon County, to any parents who are looking for a safe and secure place for their little ones! I would rate the daycare and workers a Perfect "10".

Submitted by Donna K., Mother


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