Mercer County grandmother nominates baby Symira F. as a Shining Star

In January 2011, a beautiful baby girl named Symira was born to a sixteen year old new mother. As you can imagine it was somewhat overwhelming for a young girl to be faced with a new baby on her own. She was a sophomore in high school. Finishing her education was a must as she was determined to be the best mother she could be. It was only fitting that Symira be placed in a child care center that valued education as well.

Symira was enrolled into Kids Korner Children's Center when she was six weeks old. This was made possible with the aid from Child Care Information Services (Child Care Works). Kids Korner is a Keystone STAR 3 facility. The staff of nine teachers has combined 90 years of experience working with children.

Kids Korner provides a stable, supportive environment that allows Symira to thrive. There are endless amounts of developmentally appropriate toys available for Symira to play with. The staff encourages Symira to express herself through art, language, and music. At an early age, the staff recognized Symira as a "smart and very bright baby". They are a driving force in all areas of the developmental milestones she has achieved.

Symira began to walk at the age of eight and a half months. She is able to feed herself with a fork, walk up the stairs assisted and she says a minimum of 15 words. Symira shows affection to her caregivers at Kids Korner by blowing kisses, hugging and saying 'bye'. Her most recent skills are turning the lights on and off, and following two step directions. All of these milestones are achieved with the nonstop guidance and love the staff has given her. Due to such care, Symira's mother has no anxiety or fears leaving her at Kids Korner Children's Center for the duration of the day.

As a child development specialist myself, I truly value and appreciate the entire staff at Kids Korner Children's Center. There is no other place I would want my granddaughter to be. They are the direct result of why Symira is ' advanced' in all areas of developoment.

Jennifer F, Symira's grandma, Mercer County


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