Quinlin thinks her teachers are Shining Stars!

QuinlinTa-ChesterMy name is Quinlin T. I am writing this essay to show my gratitude to Warwick Child Care of General Wayne elementary school. They have helped me grow into a beautiful 5th grader (actually a 6th grader). You ask me what particular teacher has helped me grow, but I don’t have one- I have three.

Ms. Lillian teaches us about all types of different cultures and holidays in a fun, enthusiastic, and exciting way, for example Black History Month, Christmas, and Chinese New Year.

Teacher number two is Miss. Audrey. She puts in time to help me with my problems, my homework and projects. She does this all patiently all the time. She works not just to me but with other kids as well, isn’t she wonderful?

My last teacher is Miss Amy. She is a kindhearted, caring, and loving person. She never puts her head down and always has a big smile.

You asked me to share an example of a learning skill I had trouble with and now accomplished. Well, I had a hard time communicating with other kids and didn’t try new things when I was younger. I have now become more open and active to others and new things. I learned this from Warwick.

My mom has brought in a Chinese New Year board for the past years to show my family’s culture and history. That answers the question of how my family has been involved in my early learning thanks to Warwick.

The General Wayne Warwick is the best place to involve your child in a learning area and to have fun. I can guarantee you it’s worth it. I have been going there for 5 years and this has been the best 5 years of my life.


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