Philadelphia 2nd grader Mikel is a Shining Star thanks to afterschool program

MikelBr-PhilaFrom Mikel's program director, Barbara Coleman, MS ED:

It gives me great pleasure to nominate Mikel B. as our Shining Star for keystone STARS, as I believe Mikel is a unique individual who deserves much recognition for his abilities. Mikel possesses many attributes, which will make him successful in whatever task he undertakes. I have known him for over three years in my capacity as a teacher and Director of Mercy Neighborhood Ministries Before and After School Program. Mikel is extremely organized and very easy to work with. He is a team player and diligent in his work haibts. Mikel is a hard worker who strives for perfection at all times. he always plans ahead and sets high goals for himself, and these are things that make him unique.

He is a very intelligent person who is well liked and respected by his peers. I am pleased to say that I am indeed proud of his accomplishments thus far.

Keystone STARS has given opportunities for our children to make choices and still encounter the educational tools needed to succeed. Keystone STARS has teambuilding within the organization to create tools that develop a sense of belonging in groups and has provided the necessary tools needed for the children that we serve daily to work on academics to continue the quality fo education. We are proud to be a collaborative team of Keystone STARS.

From Mikel's mom:

I am excited to inform you that Mikel received all A's for this report period. As always his teacher had wornderful things to say. She also spoke on how well he does with his homework and how he completes the assignments nightly and that they are also neat. I want to give Mercy the credit for that. I am so grateful for the staff at Mercy for their commitment to the children. For the families that work and get home in the evenings, it is a blessing that so much has already been accomplished befroe we even get home! Mercy is such an asset and I would be remiss without saying how much of an answered prayer that you all are. I hope other families appreciate what a blessing you are to this community. Thank you so much!

From Mikel himself:

My name is Mikel B.  I am 7 years old and in the 2nd grade.  I attend the afterschool program at Mercy Neighborhood Ministries.  I have been in the program at Mercy since kindergarten.  I really enjoy going there and the staff is nice.  They help me with my homework.  We do different projects and I learn a lot.  Since I have been in the program at Mercy, I have been on the Honor Roll for every marking period.  I am glad to be at Mercy I think because of them I am able to do great in school and get good grades.






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