Cambria County STAR 3 Facility Helps Will Meet His Potential

Will C. is a happy and energetic 20 month old who started at Keystone STAR 3 Treasured Times Preschool and Day Care Center when he was 2 months old. Will was born premature at 33 weeks gestation. He was developmentally delayed, and needed physical therapy to help him perform milestones for his age. Will's physical therapist worked with the teachers in his room and showed them different ways to help him develop so he could crawl and later walk. It is our belief that Will overcame his challenges through the collaboration between his family and the caring, patient staff. Will not only learned to crawl and walk, but he also continues to develop in the large motor area. We are continuing to work with him as he develops other skills that are appropriate for his age.

Will's family has worked with us each step of his success. We communicate on a daily basis and they know we are always willing to listen to their concerns and suggestions. His parents encouraged the staff in his room to work with Will and discussed his progress. Overall, the teamwork between Will's family, outside agencies and the staff at Treasured Times Preschool and Day Care has enabled Will to reach his accomplishments. We believe that it is the caring, dedicated and consistent staff that makes our program special and successful. Treasured Times Preschool and Day Care Center has been involved with Keystone STARS since its inception and is currently designated a STAR 3 program.
We are very proud to nominate Will as a "Shining Star" in our eyes!

Treasured Times Preschool and Day Care Center Staff, Cambria County


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