Simeon R. is a Shining Star!

SimeonRo-CambriaSimeon R. is a prime example of what cooperation with our children, their families, the school staff and administration can accomplish. When Simeon first enrolled in our Keystone STAR 3 after-school program, he was a very shy, quiet child who blended into the crowd. You would have to pry answers out of him, and he spoke very quietly. Today, Simeon is the first child to raise a hand, shout out an answer, offer to help or to burst out singing and dancing. These are things that he never would have done when he first came to our program. We are so glad that he grew comfortable enough with our staff and center, that he could allow his true personality to shine through.

He has grown into a talented, funny and artistic child. We encourage him to let his imagination wander and see just where and what he ends up with. Simeon loves to draw silly cartoon people. His artwork is often praised by the teachers and he likes to make pictures in his free time to give to the teachers or hang in the center.

Simeon loves sports! Football, basketball, and hockey are some that he likes, but soccer is his favorite. Simeon has been playing AYSO soccer since he was seven years old. When we are in the gym, he is always organizing or involved in some type of sport activity.

Music is another favorite activity of Simeon's. You can often find him standing beside the radio switching CD's and it won't take long until he starts to provide us with some of his infamous dances! Occasionally, we are lucky enough to have Simeon give us his version of karaoke, complete with air guitar and dance moves! Simeon also participates in Boy Scouts.

About two years ago, Simeon started to have a problem in math class. His grades started to drop and his dad came to us and asked if we could help. Being a single parent and a self-employed contractor left little time for dad to spend helping with homework. After explaining the situation to his child's teachers and the school-age child care (SACC) staff, we came up with a routine that seemed to help Simeon and gave him and his dad the support they needed. His teachers would often stop into SACC to check on him or to consult with the SACC staff on what he should be doing. His dad was and is very appreciative of the support that we provided. It turned out to be a great experience for everyone, and it also strengthened our bond with the school staff.

Unfortunately, this is Simeon's last year at West Side SACC, because he will be heading off to Middle School in the fall. His smile, silly jokes, singing and especially his ever-popular dance moves will be greatly missed...but he will always be our SHINING STAR!

Natalya Klekovkin
SACC Teacher


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