Delaware County parents’ trust helps both daughter and program reach new heights

AlexisSm-DelawareThrough the advancements at Keystone STAR 4 Aardvark Day Care, Alexis, age 4, has also advanced, and is reading above a kindergarten level.

Alexis, now age 4, was enrolled at Aardvark Day Care in 2006 as an infant in our program. Her parents have always sought and insisted on the best for their child. Aardvark has been enrolled in the Keystone STARS program from the inception and as Alexis and her family joined our center, we were in the process of moving towards STAR 4.

The improvements made to the program enhanced the quality but also proved challenging. That teachers were able to embrace the changes became essential to the success. Unfortunately, some staff changes had to be made over time. It is never easy for parents and children to see their caregivers change. The Smith family would ask questions and express concerns. They supported Aardvark’s efforts to enhance the quality environment of their daughter. The transformation could be seen in the quality of teachers, room arrangements, construction projects, curriculum, format of documents, communications, and much more. Through our advancements as a child care center, Alexis has also advanced, thanks in part to the continuing support of her parents.

Alexis was amazing and accepting of any new staff changes and really continued her progress during her time at Aardvark. I believe this transition was easily accepted by Alexis because her parents were understanding and knew the benefits an inspired teacher would have on their daughter. While some families were uncomfortable about the changes and pulling away, the Smith’s continued to trust in the program.

Alexis’ advancements shine through her leadership skills that are so evident in the classroom. Being in a Keystone STAR 4 program has enabled her to reach her full potential. She is confident, cooperative, and is respectful in her interactions with both adults and peers. Alexis’ communication and comprehension abilities are outstanding; she is reading above a kindergarten level. Though at the time curriculum changes occurred or were altered at Aardvark, the end product helped Alexis in many ways. The cross-walk of Early Learning Standards and Creative Curriculum, in addition to our highly educated staff, can be seen in her wonderful developmental progress. Alexis will do fantastic as she moves onto elementary school and will surely be a welcomed addition to any class. Alexis is a bright, talented, humorous, and well-adjusted child.

The ongoing support of Alexis’ parents and their trust in Aardvark journey to STAR 4 clearly makes Alexis our Shining STAR!

Nominated by Joanne Drinkard and Laura Doerr from Aardvark Day Care, Delaware County


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