Northampton County Parent Tells Why Her Son Darius is a Shining STAR

DariusPh-NorthamptonDarius P. is a Shining Star and he proves this every day while attending his second year of the Pre-K Counts program and participating in the Family YMCA of Easton Keystone STAR 4 program. When Darius first began the program, he was very shy and wanted to be home with Mommy all the time, but he has really grown socially in the last two years. He is excited to get up (almost) every morning and go to school and is upset if he misses school or if they don't have school due to a holiday or teacher's in-service. Darius struggled in the beginning with talking and would often get frustrated because he was not able to verbalize what he was thinking. He was tested and it was determined that he doesn't have any speech issues and has since grown out of it. He is definitely able to communicate without any problems now. His teachers were very patient when he would be upset and found ways to make him comfortable so that my leaving wasn't as devastating to him. He is a very helpful child and is the first to volunteer to help the teachers. He has learned from watching his teachers that positive reinforcement is a way to get through to his peers and has mimicked what the teachers do.

He asked me to buy him stickers for his class and every time he saw one of his classmates doing a good deed for someone or cleaning up, he would give them a sticker in order to show them that their effort and good deeds were recognized. This really impressed me because he went from being a shy kid that wouldn't leave my side to a leader in the class and a positive role model for the other children. Darius is a child that is able to make anyone smile just by smiling at them and is a very compassionate and sensitive child, which is important for when he enters Kindergarten next year. He does lots of art projects and expresses himself through his projects. He always has a story about what he learned in class that day and is excited to tell anyone and everyone that will listen to him. His teachers and the staff at the program have been tremendous with him and have really gotten to know him and show him that he has a big family outside of his family at home. They are able to tell when he is getting sick and are able to keep him interested and excited in going to school every day. Darius has begun to write his name and is able to recognize things that begin with the same sound as his name does. He knows all of his colors and impressed me with his knowledge of three-dimensional shapes. He is excited to go to the family nights and share his experiences with his siblings. He has become a very mature child and will be very successful in Kindergarten and we owe it to the staff and teachers at Pre-K Counts and Keystone STARS.

Jennifer G, Darius' mother, Northampton County


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