Dontrelle proves he is a Shining Star every day in Kindergarten! 


Dontrelle attended PA Pre-K Counts/Keystone STARS in Easton, PA for two years from 2009-2011 and took with them the skills to be successful learners. When I took Dontrelle for his Kindergarten testing, the teacher commented on how she could tell that he came from a program because he was so advanced and mature.

Attending the PA Pre-K Counts and STAR 4 program has helped to show Dontrelle how important education is, and I know they were very fortunate to get into such a great program. Dontrelle often visits the teachers at the PA Pre-K Counts and STAR 4 program since they have other siblings that attend the program at this time. Dontrelle has learned many things from the program that he wouldn't have benefitted from if the program had not been available.

When Dontrelle first went to preschool at the Easton YMCA, he wanted to make a lot of friends and he often allowed classmates to treat him badly because he didn't want to lose them as his friends. His teachers noticed this and helped him to understand that it is OK to stick up for himself when people are not doing the right thing. Dontrelle now has no problem letting someone know if they are doing something that he doesn't like or that shouldn't be done and is still able to balance that with being able to make friends as well.

Dontrelle learned how to write his name the proper way before entering Kindergarten and was able to identify almost all of the letters of the alphabet, both capital and lowercase. At their first parent-teacher conference in Kindergarten, the teacher had no concerns at all for his progress. In fact, she stated that she was impressed with the amount of knowledge that Dontrelle came into Kindergarten with and that he came to school prepared to learn and was eager to participate in classroom activities.

This program is a blessing for all that are able to attend and my hopes are that other children are able to excel as my son has. All of the teachers and office staff contributed in different ways to the success that Dontrelle has shown and will continue to show. The teachers show that they care about what is going on in the classroom and even outside of school. They have different educational family programs that allow for the whole family to get involved in the benefits of the program and form a stronger bond as a family. When you have a group of educators that truly love what they do and take the time to develop each child, you have a successful program and well-adjusted child, which is the benefit that I was able to see with this program.

There was a time when the future of the program was unsure due to budget concerns and the way that everyone pulled together to get the message of how important this program is to the legislators was absolutely amazing.

Submitted by: Jennifer G, Dontrelle's mother














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