Delaware County Mom nominates Emily & Kyle as her Shining Stars

My "SHINING STARS"I am a proud mother of two amazing children, Emily (age 9) and Kyle (age 2) which of course are my shining stars. I am also very fortunate and privileged to teach at a STAR 4 preschool. I have been a teacher at Sonshine Christian Academy (located in Delaware County) for the past 10 years. Emily graduated from Sonshine several years ago and is now in third grade. Sonshine prepared Emily in all areas of development. I remember her kindergarten teacher asking me where she attended preschool because her teacher could not believe everything the she was capable of doing. Emily continues to excel in all subjects while in elementary school, and I give credit to all her previous teachers at Sonshine.

Kyle is a fun loving little charmer that is curious and always asking questions and talking with his peers/teachers. Kyle is able to recognize his name, identify all shapes/colors and can count up to 20 (after learning about dinosaurs several weeks ago and going to a museum where they had dinosaurs, he proceeded to tell us that dinosaurs are "extinct"). He loves to read books (and is able to read/recite the book David Goes to School by: David Shannon) and enjoys putting puzzles together. Kyle continues to grow socially and academically more and more each day thanks to his teachers.

Sonshine provides a safe, loving and nurturing atmosphere to all children that walk through our door and is family orientated. All the teachers are dedicated, well qualified and deliver valuable lifelong learning skills. Each child's social and emotional development is strengthened through their experiences. Our children learn and construct knowledge through meaningful play and active exploration within their environment.

With being a teacher at Sonshine, I have experienced every step of the way through the Keystone STARS Program. Going through each step of this process can be overwhelming, time consuming, and exhausting, but in the very end, rewarding. I can honestly say that being a part of Keystone STARS has had a significant impact on the success of each child, the school as a whole, and the teachers. All children and families benefit from this wonderful program.

With that all being said, not only am I nominating Emily and Kyle as "SHINING STARS" but all the children that attend Sonshine Christian Academy, as well as all the teachers and directors are "SHINING STARS".

Julia V. H., Emily's and Kyle's mom, Delaware County


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