Even the youngest are benefitting from Keystone STARS in Lackawanna County

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Teachers Alicia Washko and Kara Driesbaugh from Star 4 Day Nursery Association believe all of the children in their program have benefitted from participation in the Keystone STARS program. Kara and Alicia say the benefits of STARS can be seen in even the youngest of children at their center. They share the stories of three of their students as examples.

"Twenty month old Theresa B. has been a student at our center for seven months. She is a really happy and well behaved child. We have seen great improvement in her learning to say new words. She is repeating her teachers and friends names constantly. Theresa plays well with other students and loves to help her teachers when she can. She loves to dance and play in the dramatic play kitchen. She is very intelligent and comes from a great family. Theresa is one of four children and has become very independent quickly."

"Jessica S. (two yr. old) is one of a kind. She is a very energetic child and loves to run around and play all day and loves to dance and sing. Jessica is happy when she plays outside where she can climb and run around, climb on the jungle gym and go down the slide. Jessica is very kind to others and is always affectionate to her friends, family, and teachers. She loves to take care of her baby dolls too! She is always happy and loves to please her teachers. Jessica has come a long way in our classroom in the one year she has been with us, and we enjoy her company."

"Two year old Omar P. is definitely a shining star and has come a long way with the help of his teachers, speech therapist and family. Omar came to us seven months ago nonverbal and with no expression. With hard work, love, care, and patience he has developed into a fun, happy, outgoing child who has learned to use speech, emotions, and expressions to communicate with others around him. Omar is saying new words each and every day. He is beginning to play with other children freely and enjoys it."

Center Director Grace Ann Hogan attributes the success of the center and its students to the guidance and support of Keystone STARS.

By Lisa Berardelli, LEARN coordinator, Lackawanna County


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