Ryan G.

Ryan G. is a Delaware County Shining Star

I would like to nominate my son, Ryan, as a 2012 Keystone Shining Star.  In my opinion, he is the perfect representative of the Keystone STARS program.  He has come such a long way in his short four years of life. 

Ryan was diagnosed with a developmental delay in speech in 2010. He attended two previous daycare centers before finding the right “fit” when he came to Christ Church Preschool, a Keystone STAR 4 quality-rated program, in October 2011. Expressing his thoughts and emotions were extremely difficult for him. His frustration turned into aggressive behavior and withdrawal from group activities. If it weren’t for the sincere, heartfelt help, nurturing, and dedication of his teachers, particularly the director of Christ Church Joanne Petrosina, Ryan would not be the outgoing, expressive kid he is today. Mrs. Petrosina plays an active role in his life every day at school. She can be found by his side through the activities of the day, guiding him and re-focusing him as needed. She played an extremely important role in getting Ryan the outside help that he needed. He now receives speech and occupational therapies and support of an assigned behavioral help specialist on a weekly basis. These therapies have helped Ryan’s speech and behavior tremendously. 

Ryan now looks forward to school each day. He enjoys painting with Teacher Sarah and reading with Mrs. Poole. He participates more in group-related activities, such as the story time with the pastor of Christ Church, Father Adam. His social skills have greatly improved as well. He enjoys the cooking programs and outside activities. Above all, he loves the daily hugs from the teachers and the recognition of doing well.

Ryan is still a beautiful work in progress. The Keystone STARS program at Christ Church Preschool benefitted Ryan in ways we are still discovering. I am so appreciative of the wonderful teachers, director, and overall support of the Christ Church Preschool program. Ryan is a Shining Star!

Story by: Suzanne G., Ryan’s mother


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