Lottie B.

Lottie shines thanks to 5 years of STAR 3 quality

From five months to five years old, Lottie attended the George School Children’s Center (GSCC), a Keystone STAR 3 quality-rated program. She loved her time spent there and we, as working parents, felt lucky to have had her in such a friendly and supportive environment. These times were not without challenges for us, and the GSCC helped us through it.

It was during our first parent-teacher conference in the “Lamb Room” (ages six weeks to one year old) that her teacher Nancy expressed concerns about developmental delays. She did a great job helping us connect Lottie with Early Intervention services. Nancy, and another staff person Kathy, were so supportive and helpful through this tough time for us as new parents.

Before moving up to the “Rambler Room” (ages 1-2 years old), teacher Connie came to our home to make sure Lottie was ready. She helped us push Lottie to more independence, and worked with us on solving issues that arose from her delays. (We spent a lot of time on getting just the right chair for Lottie to use.) Lottie responded well to Early Intervention and was discharged from services.

After moving up to the “Butterflies” (ages 2-3 years old) classroom, teacher Pam told us she was concerned about Lottie’s progress and recommend we work toward getting her approved for services again. While disheartening news for us, we were so thankful Lottie was in a program with teachers who could recognize delays and effectively communicate with parents. Eventually, our daughter was diagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum.

Next, Lottie moved up to the “Sunbeams” (ages 3-4 years) classroom. Teacher Stephanie was incredibly supportive, responsive, and involved. Not only did she help Lottie in the classroom, she really helped our whole family. She helped us connect with additional support when we felt we needed more. She constantly asked for input and offered advice. She also made us feel safe knowing that Lottie had such a strong advocate and friend watching over her during time out of our home.

We couldn’t imagine a more supportive and inclusive community for Lottie to have had her preschool years. She’s in kindergarten now and putting all her GSCC lessons about sharing and learning to good use. She still talks about her friends from there regularly and we go back to visit whenever we can.  On those visiting days, Lottie just couldn’t be happier.

Story by Josh and Lisa B., Lottie’s parents, Bucks County




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