Gabriel, age 4, finds a home at Delaware County STAR 4 program

GabrielNy - DelawareGabriel N. is a student at Aardvark Child Care and Preschool which is a STAR 4 program. He began with us in August 2011 after being at another program for only eight months. His first program felt that Gabriel required one-on-one care and his attention span was too short. They thought he could not follow directions and routines. They ultimately informed his parents that they could no longer meet his needs. During the next month Gabriel’s parents learned of the Keystone STARS program and set out to find him a quality program.

When Gabriel began at Aardvark in Glen Mills

  • He was unable to join in group activities
  • Unable to respond when his name was called
  • Unable to keep hands to himself
  • Would not speak in front of a group of peers
  • Did not engage with other children
  • Did not use him/her, etc.

Gabriel has a cognitive delay and needs time to process verbal directives. He needs a supportive environment that addresses his individual needs in order to be successful both socially and academically. Gabriel just needed a Keystone STARS program tat would allow him opportunities and environments that are essential to any preschooler’s success.

In only the past six month, Gabriel

  • Is able to sit and join in group activities and participates!
  • Is able to raise his hand and waits to be called on
  • He uses manners in communicating, (please, thank you, may I)
  • Is learning to share and engage with others
  • Now distinguishes between boy/girl, etc
  • Eats with utensils
  • Is a happy and successful child

In a very short time, the advances that Gabriel has been able to make are fantastic. He smiles and loves coming to school. His parents have been very supportive and are excellent at communicating with his teachers. They are actively involved with their son and his school. Gabriel is in a mixed age classroom with 40 other children and four wonderful teachers that exceed quality expectations. He is a pleasure to have in class and certainly does not require individualized care. We nominate Gabriel as a Keystone Shining Star and are happy to have him and his family join our community of learners!

Joanne Drinkard, Aardvark Child Care and Preschool, Delaware County


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