STAR 4 afterschool program gives Allison the chance to help others shine

AllisonWi-MontgomeryAllison W. came to us as a kindergartner in the fall of 2008. Allison was very shy and quite when she first started, but has since grown into a self-confident young girl. Allison is always willing to help teachers and her peers with any task. Allison is a wonderful mentor to the other children in our program. Allison will play with and help our younger students if they are feeling unsure or having a difficult day. We can always depend on Allison to always be a leader in our classroom.

Allison is an avid reader and a wonderful artist. Allison is involved in various school and community activities. Allison has a strong sense of family pride as well. Allison lives with her mom, dad, and older brother who have helped her become the wonderful child she is today.

AllisonWi-Montgomery artMontgomery Early Learning Center at Whitemarsh Elementary teachers Marcy Axelrod, Donna Ondik, and Tracey Weisgold, Montgomery County


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