Susquehanna County mom nominates daughter Abby P. as a Shining Star

Abby P-SusquehannaI have chosen my two year old daughter Abby P as a child that is a shining star to me. My daughter attends Endless Mountain Learning Center in New Milford, which is a Keystone STAR 3 program. She has been attending the center for 14 months. Over the last 14 months, I have seen my child grow from an infant to a toddler.

Throughout these 14 months there has been one teacher that went above and beyond to help my daughter achieve her goals. The teachers name is Ms. Christine Tingley. She was there to comfort my daughter when having a hard day, while teaching her and helping her reach her milestone goals. Ms. Tingley helped my daughter learn her colors and shapes, along with potty training her. Abby is fully potty trained with the help of the staff at Endless Mountain Learning Center, which my husband and I are very excited about. we also love asking Abby what color certain things are and what shape certain things are. With this knowledge, Abby is able to play Candy Land with our five year old daughter because she knows her colors.

The center sends home projects for the students and their family to work on together and then they display them in the classroom. I think this is a great way that the center gets the families involved in what the child is learning at the center.

Overall, my husband and I are very pleased with what the center is doing with our daughter. It is comforting to us that she wants to go to the center and learn. I think it is a great way to help her reach her goals and milestones, while also playing with children that are the same age as her.

Trisha P., Abby's mom, Susquehanna County

 Abby P- Susquehanna art


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