David S. has grown into wonderful young man thanks to Erie County STAR 4 afterschool program

DavidSi-ErieParticipating in the STAR 4 Elk Valley YMCA before and after school program for my son has been a wonderful experience. David started attending the program in Kindergarten and quickly made friends. Many children that David became friends with are still his friends today.

The staff at Elk Valley YMCA have been amazing. I am unable to pinpoint one staff that has influenced David because it seems that each staff has given David the one thing that he needed and they were able to give him. Their help with homework and involvement in David’s first year in kindergarten made the transition from preschool easy. The staff took time to complete his word wall word flash cards and practice his spelling words with him weekly. I relied a lot on the staff and was very thankful that they cared for him when I could not be there.

David’s behavior was a challenge at different times in his six years in the program and each time the director and staff worked with David and me to make sure that he was given opportunities for success. The many family events were greatly appreciated because it gave my family an opportunity to spend quality time together in a fun environment.

I know that the many experiences that the Elk Valley YMCA was able to give him from specific toys in the classroom to fieldtrips in the community were very beneficial. David was able to visit places in the community that he has not visited before.

At the age of 12 and graduated from the after school program at Elk Valley YMCA it may be difficult for David to verbalize all the skills and values that he learned at the program. But as a parent I can say that I know that he is the wonderful young man that he is today partly because of the wonderful and caring staff at the Elk Valley YMCA. I could never thank the staff enough for their dedication and love of all the children.

Jill S., David’s mother, Erie County


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