Luzerne County first grader Grant P. shines at his former early learning program

GrantPr&bro-LuzerneIt is with great honor that I nominate Grant P. as a Keystone STARS “Shining Star.” Grant, who is now six, became a student at Little Meadows Learning Center just before his first birthday. Even at a young age you could tell there was something special about Grant, he had an infectious smile that would shine along with the twinkle in his eye. His education continued with us through his preschool years and it was at this time he began to teach us about the ability to imagine the impossible. Grant was the first to suggest a learning center mascot. It wasn’t going to be a small fish or hamster or gerbil, he had the idea, a pig. His plan was well thought out, the pig would be able to stay in our enclosed playground, and children could feed him, love him and learn from him. It was at this young age that he was able to combine so many learning opportunities such as science, math and social studies with one animal. But most importantly he wanted us to love and care for the animal, some of the hardest things to teach a small child.

I believe that from the active involvement in activities from his parents and the guiding education he received while at Little Meadows, he has had the ability to grow into a young scholar with a lifelong passion for learning. I feel he comes from a family of “shining stars.” Grant’s parents, Sarah and Ray P., are always willing to lend a hand or donate their resources for the benefit fo the center. Just recently, Grant was able to give back to us through our “Mystery Reader” program. A mystery reader is a special visitor that can be a family member or friend that comes to read a story to the class. Each “mystery reader’s” identity is disguised, after a few questions and answers the reader is revealed. Grant, almost through first grade, came to visit his younger brother Troy and his class. He had the courage to read two stories to his younger brother and some of his former classmates.

I have had the great opportunity to watch him grow from a young wobbly toddler to a school age student with a passion for learning. Grant has always shown an insatiable curiosity, questioning in times of learning and in strife. I feel that he exemplifies the definition of a Shining Star.

Mary Lou Donahue, Director of Little Meadows Learning Center, Luzerne County


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