Mercer County's Allen-Mychael a musical Shining Star

A Musical GeniusI would like to nominate my son, Allen-Mychael Jackson as a Shining Star. My son attended the STAR 3 Zion Education Center for 2 years and was a student in the PA Pre-K Counts program. He is currently enrolled in the afterschool program.

Amazingly, Allen-Mychael has been a straight A student since he began Kindergarten in 2009 and has maintained those grades in second grade! He is also a very gifted musician and a full-time drummer at his local church. Allen-Mychal also plays for other churches and events around the country.

I am grateful for this STAR 3 facility and the staff for giving my son a firm foundation in school readiness and allowing him to utilize his skills in the music center. I have attached a "You Tube" video of him playing in Ashtabula, Ohio.

Michael J., Allen-Mychael's father, Mercer County


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