Jamie S, his family, and Montgomery County STAR 4 center all shine thanks to Keystone STARS

JamieSi-MontgoJamie is a child who enjoys every aspect of learning. Jamie and his family embraced the YMCA core values of respect, honesty, caring and responsibility. He is a child who while in our center was as eager to read a story as he was to play hockey in the gymnasium or build in the block center with friends. He always had something exciting to share and each day he reviewed new vocabulary words he learned during a study with the teachers, peers, his family and even the director team as we waved goodbye each day. As our center achieved higher quality standards, the S. family and Jamie in particular expanded their knowledge and understanding of the importance of positive early learning experiences. Both parents offered support to the center while assisting the learning with Jamie at home by supporting the curriculum and studies. Jamie’s love of learning was evident through all that he did in our center and the values we built along with the S. family supported all the extracurricular activities Jamie encountered as well! Jamie is a successful, happy, and loving child who still enjoys a visit with us here at the center when the family schedule permits.

JamieSi Montgo artOf all I could say to support Jamie’s nomination, I feel his parents, Fabio and Nettie said it best when they presented a gift to our center upon Jamie’s graduation from our program. It is children such as Jamie and families like his who have grown, learned, and inspired our center to continue to reach for the STARS.

Claudia Malloy, Preschool Director, Freedom Valley YMCA Early Learning Center – Royersford

Excerpt from letter from Jamie’s parents, Fabio and Nettie, to the center:

The S. family would like to thank you for providing our son Jamie with outstanding care for the first five years of his life. It was a long journey but we made it and thanks to you, Jamie is a healthy, happy and creative child. Sure, there have been some challenges along the way, but nothing that the teachers and staff couldn’t handle with care and love. We are very glad for having the YMCA as our child care provider and we know Jamie feels the same way too. As the YMC ELC Royersford passed through various transformations and changes for the better, our son also grew better. The ELC of today is an even better place than the one five years ago, and we have to thank the teachers and staff and everybody else that participated in the process to make that happen.


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