STAR 3 SACC program turns Mackenzie into a leader!

Mackenzie has been with us for over two years. Mackenzie was very shy when she first began at the program; she would sit by herself and read her books or draw. She would not even talk to the staff! Now she is a great example to the other children and shares her honesty.

Mackenzie likes to play dress-up and pretends to operate a restaurant. She loves to draw and is always volunteering to make signs for the classroom and decorate the bulletin board. Mackenzie is now very involved and loves coming to SACC. Her favorite outdoor acitivities are kickball and the jungle gym.

Mackenzie demonstrates leadership and always shows good sportsmanship. She helps other children when we are working on projects. She has a smile that makes everyone else smile. Mackenzie now helps make our program SHINE!

Tiffany Bishop, teacher, Cambria County


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