Shantia's smile makes this STAR 3 school-age child care program shine!

Shantia J. has been in our school-age child care (SACC) program for four years. To everyone, she is better known as Tia.


Tia is a smart girl with a big heart and will help anyone who asks. Tia will help teachers after school to put papers in order and will help other children with their homework. Tia is also the friend that comforts others when they have had a bad day.

Tia is a typical girl who likes to be fashionable, knows all the latest songs, and loves the Twilight series. She is involved in cheerleading and Girl Scouts. At the SACC program, Tia works on art projects and is involved in lesson planning. She wants to know what is being planned for the next week so she can be ready to ask questions. Tia has good grades and always finds time to do her homework before she is picked up from the program. Tia is very helpful to her mother at home by entertaining her younger siblings while her mom prepares dinner.

Tia is a pleasure to be around. She always finds something kind and nice to say about someone. She is our Shining Star that tries to brighten our program by making everyone smile!

Submitted by Sandy Miller, Director of Delightful Discoveries, STAR 3, Cambria County




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