Logan takes the PATHS to becoming a Shining Star

LoganWa-BerksWhen Logan joined us, in preschool, in 2010, he was very impulsive; he struggled with coping skills and would often exhibit challenging aggressive behaviors. As he became older some of the behaviors increased when he was redirected or unable to get his way. Logan’s family reported they were unable to take him to some public places for fear of behaviors. In 2011, Logan had the opportunity to participate with a small group of peers at our child care center. During this time, he participated in a social emotional curriculum called PATHS (Promoting Alternate Thinking Strategies) and really internalized the program. He learned to go into his turtle shell (crossing his arms and take a deep breath and stating verbally what the problem is). This allowed Logan to take a minute regroup and think about his options. As time has gone on, Logan has become our model student, helping younger and new students learn what to do when they become upset. PATHS and practice has increased his attention span to both preferred and non-preferred activities. Logan is now moving on to Kindergarten in the fall and is more than ready to move on. He is a sensitive, kind, helpful and loving little boy who has become a joy to have in our classroom. I am so proud of the progress that he has made and will miss him when he goes to Kindergarten.

Alexis Snyder, Logan’s teacher at St. Joseph Creative Beginnings Child Care Center, Berks County


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