Lola always a Shining Star in her parents' eyes!

LolaEs-CentreWhile enrolled at STAR 4 St. Paul's Christian Preschool, Lola's parents say she has gone from a shy, immature, little girl to a very smart, well-adjusted 4 year old. Her parents were concerned about sending her to Kindergarten when she turns 5 because she has a summer birthday. These concerns have been alleviated with all of the learning that has taken place at St. Paul's.

Lola's parents say she used to have struggles with listening and she would get frustrated. Her teachers were so patient and creative with different ways to help Lola to learn and grow, not just academically, but also emotionally. "The entire staff at St. Paul's has been so wonderful and supportive to our entire family. They had recommended other services in the community, and have been so accommodating with our changing work schedules. Four times a year Lola's teacher comes into our home and asks if there is anything we need, sits down and laughs with us while telling stories, or eats ice cream with our family." A speech professional who recently evaluated Lola shared with Lola's parents that she had never interviewed a child with a bigger vocabulary. Lola's father has an 8th grade education, and her mother had only a GED. Because Lola was enrolled in this wonderful tuition-free program, Lola's mother was able to attend nursing school and recently got her nursing license.

Her parents say "We are so proud of the wonderful girl that Lola has become and give a lot of credit to her wonderful school. In our eyes, Lola will always be our Shining Star!"

Submitted by Kelly Johnson, Centre County LEARN team


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