Mengyao Shines while learning English in Centre County STAR 4 program

MengyaoLu-CentreMy daughter has been in preschool for a year and participated in the Pre-K Counts program and child care at the STAR 4 St Paul's Christian Preschool for 8 months now. One year back, Mengyao was 3 and spoke no English since we used Chinese in our family. When she started her preschool program at St. Paul's Christian Preschool, she had a hard time understanding what was going on. It was a tough start and I worried about her a lot. At that point her favorite game was puzzles, which she could play by herself. Fortunately all her teachers did a great job in helping her.

From words to sentences, she spoke more and more English to her friends, her teachers, and me. Now she enjoys playing with her friends and telling fun things that interest her all the time in English. She knows the entire alphabet, recognizes simple words, and at age 4 she can read some short sentences in her preschool story books in English. I know this change was made possible with the help from her dear teacher who guided Mengyao through with love, patience, and encouragement all the way. We are very appreciative since we are quite happy with her progress thanks to this high quality early education.

Wenbin L, Mengyao's mother, Centre County 


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