Ralph is Northampton County mom's Shining Star

When my son was in the 3 year old classroom at STAR 4 Family YMCA Pre-K Counts program, his teacher brought to my attention that there may be sensory or speech concerns. He started receiving help for speech and language support in his 4 year old classroom. When he entered into the program he didn't always use his words he would scream and cry or whine. He would also point when he wanted something. He now uses his words to ask for help or to tell us some things that happen in his day.

Our family has been involved by the family nights and parent/child workshops. One of the family nights was a video with Elmo and the Sesame Street Gang on eating healthy and there was a chef that came and showed us how we can make healthy meals to get our children to eat too. The center does an art show at the end of the year and they pick a theme and then do a fun night in which the children get to help paint the bigger objects that the classes are doing. There was a parent/child workshop that had a positive discipline topic. It gave our family extra ideas to try with our children.

This program has been wonderful through the staff and the workshops.

Sandra F., Parent, Northampton County


Ralph F. has progressed tremendously since his start in the 3 year old program. Ralph uses his words to communicate with support. In the past, Ralph had difficulty expressing emotion verbally. Ralph has been following teacher directions and joining group activities daily. In the past, Ralph chose not to participate in everyday group activities. Ralph is our "shining star" because of all the positive change and growth we have observed in him over the past two years.
Submitted by Vanessa French, Pre-K Counts Classroom Teacher




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