Gabriel P. is ready to shine in kindergarten thanks to Keystone STAR 4 program

Gabriel P.In January 2010, after receiving Early Intervention services in his home for more that two years, it was time for Gabriel P. to transition to preschool at the Keystone STAR 4 Center for Developmental Disabilities of Pike County (CDD). This was an exciting, and scary, time for his family. Gabe’s diagnosis of William’s Syndrome presented some unique challenges, including very limited communication skills, delayed motor skills, and a sensitivity to noise. Gabe’s family was able to provide the staff with information about William’s Syndrome to help them prepare for his arrival. They also shared their family’s concerns about Gabe’s adjustment to preschool and their hopes for his future.

CDD’s highly trained staff and individually designed curriculum (based on the PA Early Learning Standards) helped Gabe to adjust to the classroom routines and provided him with chances to communicate with his peers and teachers using signs and pictures. He benefited greatly from observing and playing with his typically developing peers. As Gabe grew and developed, his family and the preschool teachers and therapists were able to communicate frequently to develop new strategies for assisting Gabe.

Today, Gabe is a happy and VERY articulate five year old who is looking ahead to kindergarten. Gabe walks up and down stairs independently and loves to play outdoors.  He is speaking in five word sentences and knows the name of every child and staff member in the center, greeting everyone as he comes off the bus. Gabe brings an endearing smile to school each day and the staff of CDD is enormously proud of all his accomplishments.

Story submitted by:
Carol R., Gabe’s teacher at CDD
Susan F., Gabe’s therapist at CDD, Pike County





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