Taylor becomes a "Junior Staff" at Cambria County STAR 3 SACC program

TaylorNi-CambriaTaylor has grown in so many ways while at the STAR 3 Penn Cambria School Age Child Care Program. She was a little shy when she first attended, but came out of her shell as the years went on. Ms. Bonnie and the other staff members considered Tay to be one of the "Jr. Staff" members, and often asked Tay for ideas and feedback. She assisted with lesson plans, and also had her own little group of students to help with.

These things along with the group activities of the program allowed Tay to become more confident in herself and nurtured her leadership skills. During several of the dance shows during Taylor's last years at the program, Tay began assisting Ms. Bonnie. The highlight of Tay's involvement came when Tay was a guest MC.

In summation, Tay has been a star in our eyes since the first moments of her life, but really began to shine while at Penn Cambria SACC. Through her growth at the program, she has become more confident, and overall a more well-rounded young-adults. Thank you for your consideration.

Submitted by: Dawn M. (Taylor N.'s mom) and Ms. Bonnie (Director of the Penn Cambria SACC Program - STAR 3), Cambria County


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