Shaylee keeps it a family affair at STAR 3 SACC program

SchayleeSc-CambriaShaylee S. has an appreciation for all of the staff and what they bring to the SACC program. She likes Ms. Bonnie because she is outspoken. Adopting the trait she so admires, Shaylee always knows where she stands! Shaylee respects her honesty, whole-heartedly, which is a wonderful character trait for a preteen girl to emulate outside of the home. These characteristics will blossom into a life skill that Shaylee will keep with her always.

Shaylee has previously commented on a staff member, Ms. Trish. She likes her because she related to her more as a friend, and not as much authoritative. Shaylee speaks highly of her and looks to her as a role-model.

Due to Shaylee having a brother with special needs (Schelton S., who was also nominated by the SACC staff as a Shining Star!), she has developed a very helpful and caring nature. Shay has a very caring disposition and a heart for all children, as she enjoys helping her peers in any and every way she can. This personality trait is developing into significant leadership skills that will be enormously beneficial to her in the future. Thanks to the staff at SACC, my daughter feels encouraged, competent and enthusiastic about the special quality inside of her that she can bring to the program and influence her fellow students around her. She feels good about herself and enjoys her time in the classroom best when she can offer assistance to the teachers and guidance to her peers.

Shaylee has become more outgoing since she has been at SACC. The staff go "around the world" for a number of weeks - Paris, Japan, etc. - and teach them dances and put on shows for all of the parents. Shaylee gets a kick out of the costumes they wear, and she loves learning about all the different nations of the world in food, clothes, and music. This without question is helping her become academically stronger in the appropriate subject areas. In addition, she has personally grown by being able to determine what her likes and dislikes are among different cultures. From her experience with the summer program, Shaylee not only learned to swim, but she has achieved the "shark" title - which is the highest level of swimming ability.

Shaylee brings home what she learns at the SACC program. She learned basic fundamentals, advanced and special talents, and more importantly that actions speak louder than words!

Nominated by Kim S. (Shaylee's mom) and Ms. Bonnie (Director of the Penn Cambria SACC Program - STAR 3), Cambria County


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