Tanner G. started our program when he was in PreK Counts. Tanner would attend our program before and after PreK Counts. Tanner loved to read books and then act them out.

When Tanner first started in our program, he was very shy. He would barely speak to the other children. As time passed on, Tanner became more comfortable and began playing more with the trucks and Legos. As other children began to become inquisitive to his buidling and asking Tanner if they could help, he began to talk more. His imagination soared to building houses, garages and places for his dinosaurs to roam. As Tanner became more interested in dinosaurs, his teachers would help him learn more about the characteristics of dinosaurs so that he could build proper habitats for them. 

Tanner also enjoys his art projects and does not want to go home at the end of the day until they are completed. He really enjoys working with scissors and glue and creating scenes.

Tanner is much more comfortable in our program, plays with all the children and is now the person that tries to involve new children in our program. He has come full circle!

Submitted by: Tiffany Bishop, Conemaugh Valley's Before and After School Program


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