Twins Mia & Vincent overcome obstacles to become Shining STARS

In Lackawanna County, a Keystone Star 4 facility, Sunshine & Rainbows, has helped a brother and sister on their way to becoming Shining Stars!

Mia and Vincent are Shining Stars to me because of the long journey they have experienced in their short lives. Born early at 26 weeks gestation and[object Object] weighing 2 & 3 lbs. respectively they spent the first 8 weeks of their lives in a Neo-natal intensive care unit. When they were finally able to come home they came with apnea machines and oxygen. They had multiple health issues as infants Vinnie having a much more difficult time than Mia. Vinnie received daily respiratory treatments at the center.

The twins were involved with Early Intervention from their birth, they had regular assessments completed and received early intervention services. When the early intervention staff made their weekly visits they would share the planned activities with the center staff so the center staff could continue the planned therapy throughout the week. Thus they received a continued therapy not just on the day the therapist visited. It was often a struggle for them to do the simplest things. What we take for granted with most children was sometimes a difficult and long struggle for them, things like rolling over, creeping on knees and walking. Learning and retaining new information and skills was often a long process for them. The staff at the center was diligent in our efforts to help them succeed.

Mia progressed at a much faster rate than Vinnie and he often became frustrated when Mia could do things that he could not. When they reached preschool age we separated the twins into different classrooms. Vinnie because of his frequent illnesses needed much more attention than Mia. We involved the children and their family in as many service agencies as they would qualify for to give them the most help possible. While not on the level of academics as some of the children who have completed our program, we successfully transitioned the twins into public school last year.

They still attend the Sunshine & Rainbows before and after school care and we continue to work with them and support their family in whatever way we can. We recently helped mom to advocate for assessment and support for Vinnie from the district as he is experiencing some difficulties in his kindergarten classroom because of some health problems he still has.

Mia and Vincent are the youngest members of a loving and supportive family consisting of Mom and two older siblings. Throughout their lives this family has always strived for what's best for their children. Those decisions have not always been the easiest way or the fastest but it is what helps their children to be successful.

Because of our participation in Keystone STARS and our STAR 4 accreditation we have been able to support this family in their journey. Our commitment to quality care has provided us with the learning materials and knowledge base to provide the information and advocacy that this family needed and still needs to support the growth and development& of their children successfully.

By Jocelyn Kreig


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