Predicting J'Yontae is a Shining Star!


J'Yontae, known as JJ, was in our program from the time he began in pre-kindergarten until he left for Middle School in the sixth grade. JJ looked forward to coming to our program and playing with the staff and children daily. JJ in his early years, always asked many questions about cats. He was always very inquisitive.

When JJ was in third grade, he became interested in the weather. He started to make predictions on what the weather was going to be, and if it was snowing he would try to estimate how many inches would fall that day. The staff at Eastside Elementary SACC (Delightful Discoveries) gave JJ a Farmer's Alamanc every year and he would sit and read it and then make comparisons to the weather report he gave each morning on the parent information board. He liked to see how close his reports were each day. JJ is still interested in the weather and would like to study to become a meteorologist.

JJ does well in his academics, has joined the Newspaper Club and the Comic Book Club, where he draws characters for the school newspaper. JJ plays baseball for a summer league and loves to ride his bike.

JJ also helps with his younger siblings. JJ has always been respectful to others and helped others while in our program. JJ will still stop in to visit with the staff and children at the program. Though JJ is not happy with this past winter because of the lack of snow for his reports, he is a Shining Star in our eyes!!!

Nominated by Sandy Miller (Director of the school age program at Delightful Discoveries), Cambria County





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