Six year old Julia Teresa G. tells why she is a Shining STAR!

6 year old Julia Teresa Gorel tells why she is a Shining STAR!

At the Edison Center, Ms. Jeanette helped me with my ABC's. She helped me to write, to work, and play. She taught me to share with others. I learned my shapes and colors. Ms. Jeanette helped me to make new friends. She taught music. I went to summer camp at Edison. She helped me with my 123's.
I graduated from pre-k 4
I learned about Chinese New Years! We ate Chinese food.
My mom came to school for Mothers Day Tea! She always come to my school for special days!
I learned about people with disabilities and how they are still just like me!
Ethan's mom came in to teach us about cool bugs in healthy streams for Earth Day!
I learned about the Pilgrims and Indians. We had a Thanksgiving Day feast!
I learned how to carve a pumpkin and eat pumpkin seeds!
I learned butterflies make their tongues like straws to drink the juice from flowers!

Submitted by Lisa Berardelli, LEARN Coordinator, Lackawanna County


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