Dylan's mom, Saundra V. writes

My son Dylan V. attended the Cuddle Zone Learning Center eight years, from the time he was ten months old until he was eight. Every teacher provided him with valuable learning tools throughout the years. I believe years four through seven were extremely critical. This is when he learned to read and write.

Once he was school age they provided encouragement to read books. He also learned an amazing set of cognitive skills that have helped him become the curious, creative, and intelligent boy that he is today. Since he began elementary school he has been at the top of his class. He was tested, accepted, and received an eighty-five percent scholarship into a private school for first and second grade. After that, his PSSA scores have been excellent, and he's currently in an accelerated fifth grade class learning sixth grade material. In addition, he was taught social interactive skills, which I attribute to his wonderful, caring, self-less, patient and outgoing child that he is today.

At the Cuddle Zone each teacher was mindful of Dylan's condition and always kept me current on any information that would allow me to be proactive in addressing the issue and finding assistance. All the teachers expected the very best from Dylan. They pushed him to reach his full abilities without causing him stress or using techniques that could be construed as brusque or unfair. Through the years Mrs. McElroy made construction changes that better enabled the children to have a more fruitful environment for learning. She incorporated outside people to come in and teach special subjects which gave Dylan a very well rounded sense of the outside world. I always found this to be above and beyond and to this day Dylan recalls his experiences.

I can't count the ways in which Dylan has developed both academically and socially. I truly believe he never would be where he is today if not for Mrs. McElroy and her fantastic staff of teachers and aides. The longevity of many of these teachers, to me, speaks volumes about how Mrs. McElroy runs the center. I believe she make their jobs challenging, dynamic, and interesting. It shows in their attitudes.

I was always an involved parent. I had daily conversations with each and every one of his teachers and they always took the time to stop and speak with me, tell me about Dylan's day: good and bad. Not once did they make me feel like I was a bother or interrupting them.
Being an only child Dylan had trouble sharing. When frustrated he would throw things. He had trouble using his words to convey what he wanted, needed or how he felt. Over the years, and because of the continuity of care and the interaction between the teachers of each age level, Dylan was able to overcome each one of these obstacles. They accomplished this in a kind, loving, yet firm manner, which I respected and which taught Dylan volumes.


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