Shining Star, Ian S., loves helping!

In the Wayne County Keystone STAR 3 Ventures in Learning, little eager Ian shows how he's become a Shining Star!

We like to think that all the children at Ventures in Learning are examples of shining stars, each shining in their own special way. We have one particular star that twinkles as he shines, and that is whom we are nominating as a Shining Star today.

Ian Strackbein Is A Shining STARWhen Ian and his family came to our program, they were embarking on a new family experience. Ian was strong willed, independent and sometimes very angry. Ian's grandparents wanted the best for him and quickly proceeded to have an assessment completed. After many weeks of consistent loving care and Early Intervention, Ian began to trust us and develop much needed communication skills. His language skills have improved and he is speaking in full sentences.

Ian has developed a love of reading and enjoys listening to stories whenever he can. Ian welcomes new children into the classroom and demonstrates empathy toward them with hugs and pats when they are in distress. Ian loves to help the grown-ups in his life. At the end of the day he helps his teachers and is always eager to help grandpa at home.

Even though Ian still struggles on many levels, he always bounces back responding to the love, care and patience offered by his teachers and grandparents.

The staff at Ventures in Learning have worked diligently to progress from Star Two to Star Three this year. Through this process, we have gained important skills, enjoyed the rewards of our labors through grants and have used both skills and funds to improve the quality of care for all the children at the center. We look forward to continuing our growth in the Stars program so that all the children at Ventures in Learning will continue to shine brightly.

Nominated by: Susan Romanowski, Center Director and
Alex Davis, Teacher 


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