Shining Star Reagan has an incredible transformation

In Wayne County, one little girl goes through an incredible transformation at her Keystone STAR 4 program, Hawley Treasure House!

My daughter, Reagan, has been a blessing to me from the moment she was born. Following her big brother in nearly everything, I began to grow concerned when was a year old and barely spoke. Her brother was using words regularly and communicating very effectively by this age. She had absolutely no interest in trying to communicate in any form. Her pediatrician wasn't concerned, but it didn't sit well with me at all. Months later, not much had changed. That's when she started with Treasure House in Hawley.

Reagan Is A Shining STAR!

Evaluations done early on confirmed my suspicions that Reagan was not where she should have been developmentally. Time went by and I started noticing subtle changes. Finger paints and crafts with food and construction paper were exciting for her. She was proud. She was involved in activities and playing with the kids. She was becoming more comfortable when I would drop her off. Miss Claudia was always compassionate and gentle when it was time for good byes. She would take Reagan (sometimes crying) as lovingly and tender as any mother would wish and I would hear by the time I was leaving that her crying and difficulty was over and she was beginning to have fun. She was laughing when I picked her up.

I felt so much better that she was engaging with the kids and really getting a great experience each day. What really amazed me as a parent was each day I arrived for pick up, her teacher, Miss Alaina, would stop whatever she was in the middle of to tell me all about Reagan's day. It's hard enough to be a working mother and be away from your kids, but when I picked her up and got the condensed version of her day, I felt much better. As her mother, I am delighted these teachers love and care about her like I love and care about her. There is not a doubt in my mind that they genuinely love these kids.

The first few months were an adjustment, but soon after I noticed an incredible transformation in Reagan's speech. Little words came at first, like "DVD" and "read", but in no time she was speaking in clear 4-5 word sentences. There was no other change in her environment other that starting at Treasure House with Miss Alaina and Miss Claudia. I have to give credit where its due and I know that the attention and love my daughter received catapulted her speech development. Before I knew it, she was hollering, "Mommy, give me a hug," and, "Daddy, please read this." She's not yet two and her speech is leaps and bounds above where she was just a few months ago. I am elated.


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