Smooth Transition for Shining Star Gage

In Wayne County, a Shining Star and his family are looking forward to a smooth transition into kindergarten thanks to what he's learned at Myrtis's Preschool and Creative Learning Center, a Keystone STAR 3 center!

Gage Lewis Is A Shining STAR!

We had recently relocated to Honesdale from Eastern Connecticut and being new to the area our first priority as parents was to enroll Gage into daycare for the social interaction and learning experience.

Our son, Gage L., entered Myrtis's Preschool and Creative Learning Center during April 2011. Since this time, Gage has learned to write his name, recognize numbers, can count, recognize shapes, knows the months and days of the week, and has recently been introduced to sight words with allowed us the opportunity to help Gage with his first homework assigned provided by his teachers.

The environment of Myrtis's Preschool is warm and comforting. They provide a daily structured routine while also encouraging the children to have creative play. As parents, we enjoy listening about Gage's day, having him tell us about what he learned, the friends he has made and experiences he has had. We appreciate Ms. Myrtis, Ms. Jessica, Ms. JoAnn for all their hard work and diligence during this past year.

We are very comforted in knowing Gage is more than prepared and very excited for kindergarten this fall and we look forward to the smooth transition into the Stourbridge Primary School.

Above and beyond our expectations we are so proud that Gage has been nominated as a shining star for the Keystone Stars Program and congratulate all the other children on their nomination.

And now a note from the Director of Myrtis's Preschool and Creative Learning Center:

I first became a participant of the Keystone Stars Program in 2004. The program has provided my staff and me with the means to make continuous quality improvements in all domains of quality child care and education. It has brought about reflection and change in classroom environments, parent involvement, education and business practices.

I have chosen all of these nominees because the Stars program has helped all these children grow and develop in their cognitive, social-emotion, motor, creative, language, mathematical, scientific, health, and community skills. I've seen and experienced all of these children conquer great milestones and I truly believe the Keystone Stars has played a great part in their success. All children are shining stars and it is a comfort to know that our state takes pride in providing them and our center with the best possible outlets to make each and every one successful now and for years to come.

Myrtis Podejko


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